KNTRL9 MK2 MIDI Controller

KNTLR9 MK2: Sturdy Compact MIDI Mixer made in Berlin

The KNTRL9 MK2 is a quality MIDI controller featuring 27 rotary knobs, 9 faders, and 9 true color LED indicators. The knobs are from stainless steel with a great sense of space and haptics so you can adjust controls with precision while avoiding disturbing knobs by accident.

With a minimalist design made from strong (German) oak and aluminium, this is a solid piece of equipment that will stay with you for years.


  • 27 stainless steel rotary knobs
  • 9 stainless steel 60mm faders
  • 9 full color programmable LEDs
  • Full Ableton Live integration
  • High fader and rotary knob precision (10 bits/1024 steps)
  • Fully MIDI compatibility (works with any DAW or hardware setup)
  • USB powered (cable included)
  • MIDI DIN support
  • Easily change track assignment in Ableton Live
  • Easy knob assignment in Ableton Live
  • Made from durable materials
  • Compact (25 x 23 x 3 cm, or 25 x 23 x 4,5 cm with knobs)
  • Made in Berlin

More Details

Combining durable materials for a sense of weight with sleek aesthetics, this is a high-performance controller that feels and looks great. Featuring 9 channels, each with a 60mm fader and three knobs for sends/effects and a programmable LED that you can set to a color of your choice, so you can easily recognise which channel you are using. 

The provided MIDI remote script (download from our website) automatically sets the color to the channel in Ableton. This makes scrolling through the channels easy. Of course, the KNTRL9 MK2 works with other DAWs and your hardware MIDI setup too.

The KNTRL9 is designed and assembled with care and love in Berlin. 

Best potentiometers

I tested a range of potentiometers from established manufacturers to ensure the highest quality so the control feels ‘right’. For the best haptics, I designed the rotary and fader knobs myself, and have them made from stainless steel.

The spacing and the size of the rotary knobs keeps the MIDI-controller compact while ensuring you can rotate them with ease.