Month: December 2021

The price is known

Some great news from the Midique headquarters in Berlin: The price is known! I’ve spent the last year improving the KNTRL9 to become the new KNTRL9 MK2. I took a side job so that I could finance everything myself without the need for a crowdfunding campaign or a loan. The new model has more knobs …

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Good news

Good news everyone: I have ordered new samples for the panels! This company is specialized in making high quality front panels and has an impressive track record. The coming days their engineer will work with me to get all the details for them to get started. If all goes well, I will have the panels …

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A minor setback

One of my biggest fears has become reality: The panels I had produced are not of the quality I expected. These were produced by a factory in China, and I waited months for them to arrive. What’s the story After the crowdfunding, I sent out a survey to inform myself on what the reason might …

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